The Galactic Cup Space Race IOS Game

The Galactic Cup Space Race

Available Now On The AppStore For 99c

The Galactic Cup Space Race- Are you ready to compete in the Galactic Space Racing ? Race your way through the track avoiding other racers in a head to head battle. You can fire rockets and use other abilities to help keep you in the competition.

Trying to make it in the Galaxy you decide to try your hand at the Galactic Cup- for fame and fortune. You enter and choose your bike, your at the starting line and about to begin. You want to race as fast as you can and weave in and out of other racers, dangerous and exciting how far can you go ?

Enjoy a fast pace, exciting, futuristic racing game- with beautiful graphics and sounds, this is a game your sure to love. The controls are a simple tilt and tap. Tilt your device left or right to steer and tap on the rockets to fire or use any of your other abilities.

Good Luck, we hope you have fun playing our new IOS APP Racing Game – stay tunes for updates. Review us with feedback or improvement ideas and we will do our best to improve our new IOS racing game The Galactic Cup Racing Game.